Welcome to the Age of AIZEN: Transforming Crypto Trading with AI-Powered Intelligence

5 min readAug 28, 2023



In the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrencies, the ability to predict price movements accurately is a valuable asset. FLOWTRADE.ai emerges as a trailblazer in this digital era, unveiling the revolutionary AIZEN AI-powered trading bot. AIZEN is poised to redefine the crypto trading landscape by merging cutting-edge artificial intelligence with the intricate dynamics of financial markets. This marks the inception of a transformative age, where data-driven insights revolutionize trading strategies and introduce you to the Age of AIZEN.

Functionality: Seamlessly Simple and Effective

Embarking on a journey with AIZEN opens doors to a realm characterized by simplicity and efficacy, guiding you through a distinctive data-driven expedition in the world of cryptocurrencies.


Coin Selection: Empowering Through Diversity

With AIZEN, navigate the vast universe of cryptocurrencies with confidence. The platform offers a meticulously curated selection of 67 tokens, enabling you to choose your preferred currency pair. Allocate your amount, configure your settings, and witness the magic unfold. Retain full control, with the freedom to pause or stop the trades as desired.

Trading Strategy: Unveiling Market Patterns

AIZEN’s prowess lies in its ability to decipher intricate market patterns. Through daily retraining, AIZEN forecasts the subsequent 3-day period for your chosen tokens, identifying potential peak prices with remarkable precision.

Opening a Position: The Dance of Predictions and Allocations

Consider a scenario where you select Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) as your currency pair. If AIZEN forecasts positive outcomes for both ETH and BTC, a seamless 50% allocation of your USDT funds is initiated for each. Conversely, if only ETH receives favorable predictions, the configuration directs 100% of your USDT funds toward ETH. Notably, if AIZEN predicts positive outcomes for BTC later on, no new trade is initiated, given that your USDT allocation is committed to the ETH trade.

Closing a Position: Precision in Execution

Upon execution, AIZEN strategically places sell limit orders based on projected peak prices. If these targets are achieved within the next 3 days, your profits materialize. In case they aren’t met, a market price sell will occur at the current price which might be a small percentage of profit or a potential loss.

Trade Frequency: Evolving Daily

AIZEN conducts daily trades at 00:00 UTC, contingent upon available balances not tied up in ongoing trades. Although the trading window extends for 3 days, an early attainment of a token’s projected price accelerates the subsequent trade on the following day.


Accuracy & Reliability: Harnessing Data-Driven Precision

Put your trust in AIZEN’s proven precision, backed by an average Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error (SMAPE) of 0.2937 from extensive backtesting. AIZEN consistently demonstrates steadfast reliability across diverse pairs and timeframes, a testament to FLOWTRADE.ai’s unwavering commitment to enhancing profitability within the volatile cryptocurrency domain.

Learning & Adaptability: Navigating Shifting Landscapes

AIZEN’s adaptability is its hallmark. As a perpetual learner, it thrives on continuous retraining and evolution. AIZEN remains agile, adept at accommodating changing market dynamics, fortified by perpetual learning and meticulous backtesting. This ensures that AIZEN’s predictions remain robust, responsive, and highly relevant.

The Future of AIZEN: Spot, Limit Orders, and Leverage

While AIZEN’s present trading method is “spot market orders,” exciting developments are on the horizon. Very soon, AIZEN will introduce limit orders and leverage, granting investors the flexibility to choose their preferred trading strategy. With or without leverage, AIZEN’s sophisticated analysis will determine optimal entry and exit points, enabling investors to seize opportunities in both rising and falling markets.



1. How does the AI trading strategy work?
AIZEN predicts prices in twelve-hour windows for the next three days, refreshed daily. Users can select tokens from a list of 67, setting up buy and sell limit orders based on predictions.

2. Can users choose which tokens to trade with the AI strategy?
Yes, users have control over selecting tokens for trading based on their preferences.

3. Can users allocate funds to specific tokens within the AI strategy?
The current iteration will divide the amount allocated to the bot between the selected tokens, but future development will allow users can allocate capital to chosen tokens, tailoring their investments to their risk profile.

4. How do users know which tokens are predicted to be profitable?
While direct visibility isn’t available, administrators might share profitable token information externally.

5. Can users adjust allocations after initial setup?
Yes, users can modify token allocations as predictions change over time.

6. Can the AI strategy automatically invest more funds if conditions are favorable?
No, the AI strategy requires user consent for fund allocation.

7. Is sub-account creation possible for multiple strategies?
Yes, users can create distinct sub-accounts for different trading strategies.

8. What’s the priority order for implementing new features?
AI strategy and sub-accounts are top priorities.

9. How are users informed of profitable tokens?
Administrators might share this information externally, perhaps through platforms like Telegram.


AIZEN represents a commitment to unparalleled quality. In an industry rife with hyperboles, AIZEN emerges as a beacon of authenticity, making trading not just rewarding, but a truly delightful experience. AIZEN’s provenance is unmatched in the AI powdered trading space. Trade with the same tools that the large institutional trading desks use. AIZEN was designed by the same core team that designed the biggest stock exchange in the worlds trading platform.

As AIZEN continues to evolve, FLOWTRADE.ai is dedicated to empowering investors with innovative trading options, while maintaining the precision and reliability that define the Age of AIZEN. Stay tuned for the exciting future that AIZEN is ushering in the world of crypto trading.





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