“Revolutionizing Trading with Groundbreaking AI Bot: Industry Experts Join Forces at FLOWTRADE and .ai”26 April 2023

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Dubai, UAE — NOSIS and FLOWTRADE.ai is proud to announce the engagement of three industry-renowned professionals, Dr. Stephen D Friel, Kasper Liu PhD, and Stefan Ojanen, to support their team’s ambitious goals.

These experts will collaborate to collectively design a groundbreaking AI trading bot to provide the next generation of intelligent and efficient trading solutions for their clients. The AI bot is a dynamic trading strategy discovery system that utilizes AI to identify and execute optimal trading strategies for multiple cryptocurrency pairs on multiple exchanges.

Dr. Stephen D Friel is a distinguished market design, trading and capital markets expert and is the founder of Sydney Based Red Beard Consulting. He has a decade of experience in international financial markets, applied technology research and academic research. Dr Friel has worked as a quantitative researcher, economic consultant, and data scientist. His interdisciplinary team includes specialists from various academic backgrounds such as economics, mathematics, AI, machine learning, creative industries, corporate communications, and finance. Dr. Friel previously worked with Nasdaq’s US Economic and Statistical Research team, doing applied research on market microstructure and high frequency trading in equities as well as derivatives markets.

Kasper Liu PhD, part of the Red Beard Consulting team, has extensive expertise in big data and analytics across several industries, including retail, health, insurance, and real estate. Kasper has a PhD in AI and an applied research background in finance, deep learning, and operational research to ensure the suitability and best practice of the model selected from academic papers in the related field — including his previous publications in SCI-Indexed Journal and multiple AI methodological papers under review. Kasper is an expert in AI applications for qualitative and quantitative analytics techniques for transforming raw data into actionable insights, leveraging cutting edge approaches and cloud computing.

Stefan Ojanen, Director of Product Management at Genesis Cloud, brings a wealth of experience in product management and machine learning model development. Before joining Genesis Cloud, he managed two data science teams at Scorable, an AI start-up that developed AI-based tools for asset managers and was ultimately acquired by BondIT.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr. Stephen D Friel, Kasper Liu PhD, and Stefan Ojanen to contribute their skills to our team,” said NOSIS CEO Nathan Fowler and FLOWTRADE.ai CEO Bill Nolan. “Their expertise in AI and machine learning, combined with their experience in cloud computing and trading systems, will prove invaluable in designing an AI trading bot that will offer our clients cutting-edge, intelligent, and efficient trading solutions for cryptocurrency initially — and other markets such as equities and forex in the future.”

The AI trading bot designed by Dr. Stephen D Friel and Kasper Liu PhD will be capable of analyzing vast amounts of data to identify future trading opportunities and execute trades rapidly. The bot will utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to learn from market trends and predict future market movements.

NOSIS and FLOWTRADE.ai are leading providers of AI-powered trading solutions, dedicated to offering their clients the most accurate and up-to-date market data.

We are dedicated to maintaining our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, while also upholding the values of integrity and transparency. Our priority at FLOWTRADE.ai is to offer our clients the most effective and trustworthy trading solutions available.

For further information, please contact Nathan Fowler, CEO of NOSIS, or Bill Nolan, CEO of FLOWTRADE.ai.





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