In The Beginning
3 min readFeb 24, 2023

Show me a dreamer who can execute and I’ll show you a millionaire — BN

The creation of was not an overnight process, but rather a carefully planned and executed roadmap that started with the frustration of two traders, Bill and Theresa.

Their busy schedules prevented them from consistently trading in the cryptocurrency market, and they were tired of missing out on opportunities due to their lack of time and research capabilities and following trades of traders that were unsuccessful. But instead of giving up, they decided to take fate into their own hands and create a platform that would help traders like them.

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The first step in their roadmap was to form a partnership and name it Kismet Partners, knowing that fate had brought them together for a reason. They began to carefully research and develop the concept for, knowing that it had to be accessible and user-friendly for time-poor traders.

In order to bring their vision to life, they gathered a group of professionals who were experts in trading and technology. Recognizing that the success of the project depended on having the right people at the right time, they put their trust in Kismet to bring them the individuals they needed to see it through to completion. Drawing on their successful partnerships with Nathan Fowler from Nosis and Alex Meurer from AM Crypto, they were confident that they had assembled the best team possible.

As they continued to develop the platform, rigorous testing was conducted to ensure that it was ready for launch. They knew that traders would be relying on them to make successful trades, and they wanted to make sure that the platform was transparent, reliable, fast, and user-friendly.

Finally, when they launch to the public, they will know that they have fulfilled their destiny to help other time-poor traders achieve trading success. But their roadmap does not end here; they know that they have a responsibility to continue developing and improving the platform, and to share their knowledge and expertise with their users, that is why the next phase of AI-learning is already in progress.

And so, they will continue to listen to feedback, innovate, and make improvements too They know that the roadmap for success is not a straight line, but a journey that requires hard work, dedication, and the willingness to adapt and grow.

Looking back on their journey, Bill and Theresa knew that they had followed the signs of Kismet to their ultimate goal. They had trusted in the universe to bring them the right people at the right times, and they had never lost sight of their vision. And now, with poised to launch, they know that they fulfilled their destiny and is ready to help others do the same.

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